Nose and Chin Correction

What makes our face look complete? No doubt – it is our nose!

Located in the centre of our face it immediately draws attention making face look complete and expressive.
A nose is made of a nasal bridge, root, tip or apex, floor, length, width and height of its individual parts. By mixing the said components one could generate an almost infinite number of new nose “designs”.
The nose profile form depends on the position of nasal arch, its length and bend, the height of nose floor – nasal septum and correlation of those two lines forming angles at their intersection. Such angle in a standard profile is 23-34 degrees. A classical nose length is to be equal to one third of face length, the width – no more than one third of it length, the height – about half as much as the width. In an ideal profile the nose angle is to be 30 degrees, with no sharp curve of its bridge.

An author of such “beauty” parameters is still a mystery. Some think it was Leonardo da Vinci who made up and calculated the formula for identification of “ideal proportions” of human body and face.

Non-surgery Rhinoplasty – is a nose correction technique with the use of various gels and fillers.

Unusual as it may still sound to us, this line of aesthetic medicine has already gained steam. This sparing technology enables non-invasive correction of nose shape based on a complex application of botulinum toxin and world-popular Botox-based biogels, such as: Juvederm, Voluma, Restiline, etc., which a patient is injected with. A patient then leaves a clinic with an actually new nose.

The nose injection practice in itself is absolutely painless. Even more so, a patient can observe the course of procedure in a mirror and comment on doctor’s work making suggestions about the desired effect.

The manipulation takes just about 30 minutes, with no need for rehabilitation period. A small post-procedure puffiness will disappear  of its own accord within 1 day.

The up-to-date technique is a fine alternative to the surgical rhinoplasty for those who are not ready to resort to such radical measures, as well for those who, for some reason have contra-indications for such an invasion. The method may be used to correct the shape of nose wings, eliminate a hump, raise a nose tip, correct a curve of nose and nasal septum, etc.. Non-invasive rhinoplasty may also be helpful for aging patients. It is no secret that a nose tip tends to droop with age. It is the non-invasive method that will get rid of such defect. Within just a few minutes a fair result may be gained. The injection rhinoplasty differs from the surgical one in a fairly short-term of its effect. A recurrent injection will have to be made in three years, which is a major disadvantage of the procedure.

Advantages: Safety—practically no side effects have been registered. The preparations easily “adapt” and are very naturally assimilated by organism. The risk of infection is practically non-existent. Painlessness—the manipulation does not involve any incisions or sutures. Before the injection an anaesthetic cream is applied for 30 minutes. Short length of manipulation—it takes 15 – 20 minutes (around an hour – together with anaesthesia time). Short rehabilitation period—in a day a patient may return to his normal life style. The procedure may be indicated even for teenagers. The cost is reduced many times compared to conventional surgery.  Indications: Any irregularities of nose: Hump; Correction of small defects of a nose tip; Nose asymmetry; Post-trauma nose reconstruction; Flat upper nasal arch. Non-invasive rhinoplasty counter-indications: Acute inflammatory diseases; Pregnancy; Diabetes; Sagging, aging nose skin.