Mesotherapy – is a classical instrument of aesthetic medicine that has proven effective for both, cosmeticians, and their patients. Today it has grown still more effective and non-traumatic due to innovative technologies and medications.    Mesotherapy ensures a visually at least 5-10 years younger looking skin of face, neck, hands, and décolleté, providing its freshness and glow, and eliminating spider wrinkles, acne pigmented spots, and such other skin defects.

Rejuvenation of Face, Neck, and Décolleté Skin

Mesotherapy is also effective in reconstruction of beautiful, sharp lines of face and neck, getting rid of sagging skin, eyelid droops, and unaesthetic-looking double chin. A course of such spa care is often referred to as non-surgery contour correction, which is fully justified, since mesotherapy can trigger deep, natural processes of skin lift and rejuvenation causing practically no damage at all. Besides, it can be used for lips contour correction, filling of deep wrinkles, and other radical transformations, which until recently have been accessible only through cosmetic surgery. Being a fairly successful branch of the today’s popular aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy proposed by specialized clinics as a course of cosmetic manipulations stimulates metabolic processes at cellular level. Active ingredients of medications and vitamins in the so-called cocktails delivered into derma by injections activate destruction of fat cells (as in anti-cellulite mesotherapy) and induce evacuation of liquids and decay products from skin.

Mesotherapy efficacy as a separate category in injection rejuvenation therapy is determined by the working mechanism of mesotherapeutic medications and the ability of steady regeneration of skin cells. Therefore, mesotherapy is based on intensification of blood circulation, activation of cellular metabolism, and acceleration of skin cells regeneration.  Manipulations are performed with the view to the basic factors assuring a stable and high-quality effect. Such as:

  • Effective cell nourishment;
  • Mechanic skin stimulation;
  • Improvement of blood circulation

Given the mandatory combination of all three of the aforesaid factors, mesotherapy may provide a fairly sustainable result, especially along with professional injection face treatment.

Mesotherapeutical preparation is a custom-made mixture of minerals, vitamins, and amino-acids, the so-called cocktail. Due to the ability of most cocktails to positively affect the condition of cells by intensifying metabolic processes, mesotherapy has proved most effective of practically all branches of aesthetic medicine. Although the manipulation may be of various types, a complete 2-week course of mesotherapy would normally yield typical, common for all of them results. Specifically, it helps:

  • Improve general condition of skin;
  • Considerably improve subcutaneous fat;
  • Restore skin tightness;
  • Normalize all metabolic processes.

The technique – is a local injection of strong cocktails of biologically active substances in microscopic dosed into epidermis and derma. Targeted injection of vitamins, nutritional and moisturizing components immediately triggers powerful processes of revitalization, i.e. tissue rejuvenation. Besides, local mesotherapy with anti-inflammatory medications acts as a real “first aid” thanks to its highly concentrated form and immediate delivery of medical components to the affected area. Mesotherapy is considerably more effective than all kinds of creams and tonics, or various “beauty vitamins”. With creams and the like most moisturizers are absorbed only in epidermis yielding a very superficial effect; whereas with vitamins the required components are delivered to derma by bloodflow in incomparably small quantities. Today’s mesotherapy offers minimal trauma risks with maximal effect. Classical mesotherapy makes use of super-thin needles injecting medications by the tenths or even hundredths of milliliter.  Therefore the therapy does not require any rehabilitation, leave from work, or change of normal life style. Mesotherapy does not damage nerve terminals and capillaries. Thus, the manipulations may be performed without anesthesia and leave no hematomas or indurations. Due to the specifics of derma it can safely retain the injected medications forming sort of slowly dissolving “depots”. That is why at times mesotherapy effect may last up to 12-24 months or even longer.