Injection Lipolysis (fat removal)

Injection Lipolysis (fat removal)

Both, women and men are in need of someone’s care and compliments encouraging our self-confidence and helping better manifest our identity.

Most compliments are caused by good looks, slim figure, and absence of double chin.

Lipotherapy – a medical technology that has proved efficient helping get wants and needs (or compliments and reality) met.

We are talking about shaping our figure, face and neck contours by injections.

The principle challenge of the beauty race—how to remove excessive fat from all our body areas we are unhappy about.

The most popular method among all that have been invented so far for making our fat “melt” in the required areas – double chin, abdomen, thighs, spine, inner knees, lower buttocks – has become fat dissolution by injections. Solutions or “lipolythic cocktails” destroying fat cells and naturally evacuating their content from our body (with daily excretions) are injected subcutaneously by finest needles right in the affected areas.

Fat “melts” over a few days, its volume considerably decreasing. The surrounding skin tends to lift looking smooth and solid. No new fat is generated in the treated area assuring long-term reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Fat-dissolving agents can also improve skin structure, its elasticity and smoothness, and prevent generation of new roughness.

A major advantage of lipotherapy – in its targeted impact on subcutaneous fat removing the unnecessary and leaving all that is good.

Apart from that it can affect any problem areas, forecast a final result, and make your face and figure proportional and harmonic.
The injections are painless, do not require anesthesia or much time. One can go back to work straight after the manipulation.
This sparing, non-invasive method is suitable for both, men and women of any age and are usually well tolerated by patients.

The safety of today’s lipolythic preparations has been confirmed by long-term experience and proficiency of cosmeticians. They normally do not entail any complications or side effects.

In many cases the method poses a reliable alternative to frequently unsafe surgical methods (liposuction, surgical lipoplasty).