Hands Rejuvenation

It may be hard to believe but the hardest problem to crack in the up-to-date cosmetology is – how to renew the youth of hands. No plastic surgery is made on hands. However the problem seems to have already been solved.
At times it is hard to define a woman’s age looking at her well-groomed face and slender figure. But her hands can give out a lot. Even the most elaborate manicure is unable to hide its owner’s age. Why do hands age so quickly? The point is that the skin in the wrist area is very thin with very few oil glands providing anti-moisture-loss protective film. On the other hand, our hands just like our face – are the most exposed to adverse environment impact part of the body, the Sun being one of their key enemies. UV radiation destroys collagen expediting generation of free radicals that are heavily responsible for our wrinkles and pigmentation. The “sunspots” may spring up already at the age 30. In winter capillaries suffer from cold air damaging blood supply necessary for skin nourishing. This causes dryness, exfoliation, and loss of skin tonus. Household chemicals, including various shower gels, washing powder, dishwashing liquids containing lots of superficially active chemical agents destroy water-and-lipid skin film causing dehydration. The so-called biological aging starts at 45 and incurs irreversible changes of skin structure and its dysfunction, our hands – in the first place. The level of body estragon goes down, skin gets dehydrated, fat pad thins out, and muscles lose their tonus. On top of that there appear ugly venous nodes. Senile pigmentation – is a separate subject. First they are just small dark spots; their number and size growing with age – senile hyperpigmented hyperkeratinization, senile photopigmentation.  Biorevitalization and contour hands plasty implies injecting skin with natural, chemically invariant hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid — is a fine filler to treat wrinkles. Besides, it is capable of immediate restoration of skin water balance enhancing its elasticity and tonus. A visible effect becomes obvious right after the first manipulation and improves with time. In about one month the cells start to intensively generate collagen and their own hyaluronic acid. The frequency of recurrent manipulations depends on skin condition and is determined individually.

Biorevitalization incurs injection of hyaluronic acid produced by a special biological method. This trend is based on hyaluronic acid’s ability to interact with cells’ receptors and trigger tissue regeneration process. The injected crossbreed or cross-linked hyaluronic acid does not dissolve as quickly as the acid used in mezotherapeutic cocktails.

Hyaluronic acid is an effective natural moisturizer and a native skin component responsible for its elasticity. The amount of hyaluronic acid in a body decreases with age causing loss of moisture, elasticity, glow and smoothness.

The procedure may be performed for any skin area in need of moisturizing – mostly face, neck, décolleté, and hands.

Biorevitalization method is indicated to all patients with diminished for this or that reason, skin tightness.
Such reasons may differ:

  • Natural aging
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Fast, uncontrolled loss of weight
  • Diseases, stresses

It may also be helpful during the rehabilitation period after various aggressive procedures (peeling, polishing). Biorevitalization is also indicated as a preventive measure – 2 weeks before visiting tropical countries and 10-14 days upon return.

Counter-indications to Biorevitalization:

  • Inflammatory process in the area of suggested injections
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Pregnant and nursing women
  • Administration of anticoagulants (blood-thinning medications)
  • Keloid scars susceptibility
  • Active herpetic infection

Biorevitalization preparations:

Juvederm , Surgiderm, Stylage, Restilane

Restylane vital and Restylane vital light contain stabilized hyaluronic acid produced under NASHA technology by Q-MED company (Sweden), syringe volume 1 ml. Restylane vital is designed for mature skin and skin with signs of photo-aging. Restylane vital light is good for thin skin in the area of lower eyelids, neck, and décolleté, as well as for anti-age prophylaxis. An injector specifically designed for Restylane vital light may be used to treat large skin areas, such as inner upper arm surface. It can hold 2 ml of gel and ensures even and practically painless injection of the preparation using micro-puncture, “short-linear” technique. Due to the presence of stabilized hyaluronic acid, the Restylane vital injection method is somewhat different from other preparations containing non-stabilized hyaluronic acid. The course consists of 3 manipulations, made 3-4 weeks apart. The medication persists within the skin for at least 3-6 months and causes continuous improvement of the treatment effect. For sustainable cosmetic result the course may be repeated 4-6 months later.

Post-procedure recommendations:

1. Any cosmetics may be applied 6 hours after the manipulation.
2. In case of hematomas the arnica cream or “Traumel S” gel are recommended for local application.
3. Abstain from going to saunas and bathhouses for a week.
4. Abstain from going to solarium for two weeks.
5. During the mensis time the manipulation is not recommended.
6. Anticoagulants (heparin, aspirin, etc.) are not to be taken 2-3 days before the manipulation.

Chemical Peeling of Hands

It is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation methods. Under 35 one can confine oneself to the peelings based on glycolic acid or retinoid—synthetic counterpart of vitamin A. A course of 2 – 3 sessions will rejuvenate the superficial stratum of epidermis, stimulate collagen synthesis, and improve ski moisture.
After 40 one has to resort to a deeper treatment using median-stratum chemical peeling on the basis of 20 – 50 % trichlorophenylacetic acid (TCA). In the course of manipulation one can feel slight skin tingling. The procedure is not too comfortable but on the whole, quite tolerable. For a few days the skin looks burnt, which is followed by exfoliation and lasts about one month. Over the period the application of post-peeling cosmetic creams is a must. They help getting rid of a tightening sensation, speed up exfoliation process, and prevent the loss of tissue moisture. By the way, people with very light skin texture manifest most noticeable results of median peeling.

Mechanic Peeling of Hands

It is microdermabrasion of hands by magnesia crystals. The surface epidermis strata are removed improving blood circulation and lymphotrophy, speeding up metabolism, and ensuring fibroblasts’ intensive generation of collagen and elastinic fibres. Microdermabrasion is provided by a course of 4 -10 manipulations once a week.