Botox/Disport Wrinkle Treatment

Botulinum toxin therapy has been practiced worldwide for over 30 years.  

Most popular among numerous techniques of injection skin rejuvenation – is subcutaneous injection of botulinum neurotoxin.  «Botox» and «Disport» preparations help relaxing facial muscles, reducing expression wrinkles and activating recovery processes in epidermis cells.

In aesthetic medicine botulinum toxin is mostly applied towards correction of expression wrinkles resulting from overactive facial muscles. The treatment areas include: forehead, glabella, “crows feet”, eye-around wrinkles, “bunny lines” of nasal arch, upper lip and chin wrinkles, drooping mouth corners, neck’s “Venus rings”, décolleté, as well as sweating control.

When locally injected in therapeutic doses botulinum toxin does not penetrate through blood-brain barrier and does not cause any substantial systemic impacts. Even 30 recurrent injections into one and the same muscle do not entail any irreversible denervation and atrophy. Only 0.1% patients develop resistance to botulinum toxin.

It takes several days for treatment effect to become obvious: 2—14 days – in muscles, and 1-15 days – in skin and endocrine glands.

However the effect may become visible both, immediately or delayed by 3-4 weeks. After 1-2 months of the injection new nerve terminals are formed resulting in restoration of muscular contractions – 3-6 months later. The effect may sometimes last up to 1 year and above.

What is the mechanism of Botox’ action?

Botulinum neurotoxin preparations (Botox and Disport) produce a myorelaxation effect. Upon getting under the skin its active substance blocks an impulse coming from a nerve fibre to a facial muscle, inducing complete relaxation of muscle tissue. Thus, Botox enables:

  • reduction of overactive facial muscles;
  • smoothening out expression wrinkles;
  • correction of face contour;
  • reduction of facial muscles fatigue limit

Apart from that, according to the research data of the world major medical and biological agencies, it was found out that blocking of a nervous impulse by a Botox injection under normal blood circulation triggers intensive restoration of our skin. In particular, electrolyte balance is normalized in the treated areas, collagen-and-elastinic carcass responsible for skin tightness and elasticity are restored.

As a result, when injected by micro-needles into the area of expression wrinkles Botox ensures tight and fresh looking skin. Over the period of two weeks after the manipulation the expression wrinkles on a forehead, nasal bridge, and mouth corners disappear. The so-called “crows feet” under lower eyelids are also reduced.

The effect of Botox and similar preparations may last 3—8 months, which normally is enough for the wrinkled skin to recover.