Aptos Thread Face Lift

Face Lift in Irina Levin, MD Center of Aesthetic Medicine

Aptos Thread Face Lift — is an extremely attenuated, non- invasive thread lift of soft tissue when access is achieved through micropunctures leaving no trace behind. Excessive skin is not excised; the lifting being made under local or intravenous anaesthesia.

Aptos Thread – is a unique, painless, and what’s most important, nonsurgical face lift method. The manipulation is performed in the Neo-plasty surgery Institute by highly experienced cosmeticians.
Aptos thread is unique in its action and could actually be referred to as a magical thread, and the method itself – as a mystic transformation. A most stunning effect is manifested right after the manipulation. A final result can be seen 2-3 weeks later after the skin has adapted to new conditions.

2 months later a carcass of new connective tissue is formed around the thread strengthening facial contours, considerably lifting the skin, and smoothening out wrinkles.

Aptos thread—is ligature plastic reconstruction or skin lift by intradermal thread. The method is based on a specially developed synthetic Aptos thread. Please note that it is not the so-called “golden thread”, which albeit improves the skin structure, but provides no lifting effect.  Aptos threads are provided with microscopic surface incisions along their entire length at a certain angle and in various directions lifting the skin and smoothening out wrinkles. But most essential is a long-term effect of the method.

Aptos thread lift method—is not surgery but a painless aesthetic procedure made under local anesthesia leaving no incisions or scars. All manipulations with threads are performed in subcutaneous tissue that has no nerves or great vessels, which minimizes the risk of their damage. It is advised to abstain from abrupt mimic and chewing movements, as well as facial massage for 2-3 weeks after the manipulation, which is a really short term of caution to be obeserved compared to other methods.  Due to their low-traumatic effect the Aptos threads are posing a fair alternative to the conventional skin-lift methods.

A long-term effect stays for up to 5 years. Aptos threads provide a sort of “carcass” considerably slowing down the process of face sagging. To ensure a new face contour for as long as possible the method may be used alongside with other rejuvenating programs. Face and neck massage may be resumed 3 weeks after the procedure; peeling, photorejuvenation, and biogel use – after 10 weeks.